Why Picosecond Laser Is A Boon To Tattoo Removal?

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Permanent Tattoo Removal

Regretting your old tattoo? You can now remove it without any risk through our picosecond laser technology. There is a difference between laser treatments offered in other clinics and VCare Aesthetics. We use the most advanced picosecond lasers to remove old tattoos without a trace.

Unlike other lasers, picosecond lasers will not leave scars or pigmentation after removing an old tattoo. In fewer sessions, without any side effects, picosecond lasers offer faster and more effective results. Before the advent of lasers in tattoo removal, the procedure was done using surgical methods. Surgical procedures often resulted in pigmentation, scars, and red spots.

Even after the evolution of laser treatment for tattoo removal, many lasers still result in pigmentation and scars on the tattoo removal area. But, with picosecond lasers, we promise scar-free and pigmentation-free tattoo removal.

VCare Aesthetics uses the innovative & most advanced picosecond lasers to remove old tattoos without any scar or pigmentation.


  • Ideal for all skin tones
  • Works for multiple ink colours (includes green & blue inks)
  • Suitable for all body parts
  • Completely safe and risk-free
  • No scars, no pigmentation after the tattoo removal procedure
  • Fewer sessions when compared to other laser tattoo removal methods
  • Highly customizable procedure with effective results

How do picosecond lasers work?                      

Picosecond lasers deliver the shortest ever pulse duration. These short pulses will not overheat skin like other cheap lasers in the market. Other lasers will overheat the melanin on the skin, resulting in pigmentation and scars.with online digital marketing there lot of duplicate Picosecond lasers in marekt

The ultra-short pulses of picosecond lasers are its most significant advantage, making it suitable even for people with darker skin tones. The precise target of the picosecond laser will not affect the surrounding area of the tattoo. It offers the safest and most effective results through an accurate target and shortest pulses.

How many sessions are required for permanent tattoo removal?

The number of sessions depends upon the size and area of the tattoo. While smaller tattoos require fewer sessions, larger tattoos may require more than one session.

Will there be any side effects after the treatment?

No. After the tattoo removal, you may experience mild redness in the treated area. Apart from that, the procedure is associated with no risks or side effects. It is a completely safe procedure, which usually takes less than an hour to complete, depending upon the size of the tattoo and its complexity.

“Hi. I am Aayansh. I had a large-sized tattoo on my arms. After a time, I was not too fond of the tattoo. I got my tattoo removed at VCare Aesthetics. The tattoo was in green & black colour inks. Before the procedure began, I was afraid I would be left with a scar for the rest of my life. But, I was delighted with the laser tattoo removal. It deleted the tattoo without scars. I would highly recommend VCare Aesthetics for permanent tattoo removal.”

– Aayansh, a client of VCare Aesthetics

Why choose other tattoo removal methods when VCare Aesthetics offers the most effective and advanced laser tattoo removal procedure at an affordable cost?

VCare Aesthetics is one of the premium clinics in Chennai that offers a diverse range of treatments with a holistic approach to skin and hair health. At our disposal, you can find numerous advanced aesthetic treatments and procedures assisted by world-certified doctors, surgeons, skincare, and hair care experts.

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